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BassBuds | August 19, 2013


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Billion ways to... #4





Ibiza: what’s hot and what’s not?


BassBuds | August 15, 2013

Lucky lucky Corene has just got back from topping up her tan on the sunny island of Ibiza (we are all so jealous!). Our London born and bred chick is no Ibiza newbie and shares her wisdom on the party island.



This would be my second trip to the Balearic Island of Ibiza and I was really chuffed when I found another super cheap deal AGAIN. I flew with Thomas Cook, a rapid two hour flight, arriving to feel the warm evening sun on my skin… bliss. Ibiza comes with a territory that has long been associated with excessive alcohol, drugs and promiscuity. I was holidaying with 3 of my female friends, two of which hadn’t been to Ibiza but had heard of these crazy and funny stories. I felt a sense of responsibility to show them that Ibiza does not always deserve the reputation it has.

Our hotel, Hotel Apolo, was a bit of distance to famous Ibiza hot-spot “The West End”, but it was a great walk along the beach. The shore side was filled with clubs, bars, beautiful terraced restaurants… the perfect place for a chilled cocktail. San Antonio and Playa D’Bossa are the busiest areas from May – October, seeing almost 2 million visitors. During the winter months, the Ibiza off-season, the majority of clubs, and therefore hotels, are closed. There seemed to more visitors this year than when I last went in 2012, the majority of which were the younger generation, which for me was a little annoying.

For my first day on the beaches, it was very important that I packed the right things; I didn’t want to forget the essentials, but I didn’t want to haul around half my suitcase too. I drew upon my last trip to Ibiza and managed to strike a balance; I packed denim shorts and a cardigan for when it got a little cooler in the evenings, my sunglasses and hat, hooped earrings, and my iPod and pink BassBoomz, so that I could listen to my favourite songs while I topped up my tan.


Ibiza essentials


One of the best beaches that I went to was Bora Bora beach; it is one of the most liveliest, with constant music and an incredible party atmosphere starting early and lasting through the night. The long stretch of sand continues for miles, which is beautiful but let me warn you that the sea is a huge let down. It may only be shallow but the waters are not clear. On the other hand, Playa Cala Bassa has crystal clear, warm waters; if you can’t get there by car, the boat from San Antonio Bay takes about 20 minutes and costs 4.50 euros return – well worth it. Reggae Reggae beach was the smallest beach I went to but it was gorgeous. As the name suggests, it had a Caribbean feel, with a Jamaican themed bar, Caribbean cocktails and Jerk BBQ.


Ibiza Beach




Unfortunately, I didn’t to go to any of the super clubs, but if you like trance and techno then Amnesia and Ushuaia are unforgettable nights out. According to the Ibiza promoters, Pharrell live at Ushuaia was amazing. However, be careful of the Ibiza promoters, because alongside the genuine ones are the not-so-genuine. They have a host of tricks that can riddle you out of your spending money with no hesitation, so I would advise you to buy event tickets from the event boxes or your hotel.

The most anticipated Ibiza event, and the one that I had really been looking forward to as I’d not been before, was the Zoo Project. It is held in an abandoned zoo just outside of San Antonio, and true to the zoo theme, animal print and get airbrushed body prints are popular. There was a pool, dancers, shops, bars and, of course, great line-up of DJs. It was amazing and I would go back to Ibiza just for that.




Backstage celeb news at the Key 103 Live concert: Part 2


BassBuds | August 13, 2013

Guest blogger Ali picks up from part 1 backstage at the Key 103 Live concert, where she meets the fantastic Lawson and The Loveable Rogues!



The Loveable Rogues and Lawson were backstage together and they were extremely hyper – it was double trouble and I could see why they were called “Rogues”. The cheeky boys from Lawson started a “How many sweets can I catch in my mouth” competition; the record was 10 Jelly Babies – I was impressed! Andy changed the competition to catching strawberries in his mouth and managed 12 in total. When Andy saw our fantastic coloured earbuds, he thought he could try catching them in his mouth too. That was met with a resounding “Nooooo!” from everyone.

The atmosphere backstage was electric. The buzz from the concert onstage overflowed to our area and the BassBuds stall seemed to be the source of energy. After choosing their BassBuds, it was time for the Lawson Boys to experience the sound from the BassBoomz. A bout of dance hysteria ensued with the lads shouting over the music “That’s Crazy”, “How good is that sound?” and “Dope!”. It is so obvious that Lawson Love BassBuds!


Lawson excited



Next the Loveable Rogues connected their phones to the BassBoomz and POW! The sound blew them away and were practically fighting over the BassBoomz. “Man the sound on this is SICK!” Te said and Eddie was astonished too saying “I can’t believe such a small item has such big such big sound!”.


Loveable Rogues


Overall, it was obvious that BassBuds were loved by all the celebs backstage at both Key 103 Live concerts!

Olly Murs, The Wanted, Union J, Lawson, Wretch32, Professor Green, The Loveable Rogues and Neon Jungle all have their BassBuds and BassBoomz. Get yours here today!




Stylist’s “30 things to make you happy”


BassBuds | August 12, 2013

BassBoomz are included in Stylist magazine’s “30 things to make you happy” list… we couldn’t agree more! What would you have in your list? 




Stylist make you happy





Album of the week: Body Music


Music | August 10, 2013

Body Music - AlunaGeorge


AlunaGeorge, made of the beautiful vocalist Aluna Francis and the very cool producer George Reid, are one of the hottest duos on the music scene at the moment. Together they perfectly blend that throwback 90s feel with new rage electro. It’s very newskool, laced with lyrics of the youth that are urban with an alternative attitude. Body Music re-invents the way we move with a ripping sound that is beautifully produced with Aluna’s voice.

Our favourite song from the album is “Bad Idea”, it’s a light melody with no-nonsense and liberating lyrics. “You Know You Like It”, “Your Drums, Your Love” and “Attracting Flies” have been released from the album, with “Attracting Flies” reaching their highest position to date in the UK charts.



With it’s capturing lyrics, Body Music seeks to empower you and it is a great summer LP to lift your spirits. We’re sure that in a few years time when you listen back to this album, it will scream “Summer 2013” with it’s funky summery beats.



Fashion | August 8, 2013

Top 5 Summer Shirts and Shorts





Backstage celeb news at the Key 103 Live concert: Part 1


BassBuds | August 6, 2013

Ali, our amazing guest blogger, went to in the fantastic vibrant capital of the north, Manchester to meet celebrities backstage at the Key 103 Live Concert! Whilst the rain was torrential, it didn’t stop “our Ali” from meeting and greeting some of the hottest celebrities right now! Read about who she met and what they said!


A weekend in Manchester –  mmm lovely. Two days of meeting and greeting some of the biggest celebrities backstage at the Key 103 Live concert at the Manchester Evening News Arena and the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

On Saturday I arrived in Manchester and I was met by a gaggle of screaming teenagers! “Wow!! Is this all for me?” I thought. It turned out they weren’t screaming for me… what a surprise. It was all for Union J and Professor Green… ah well, never mind.

I entered the backstage area and I was amazed by the heat that hit me. I mean tropical is great, but I had a long day backstage in the heat! It seemed daunting, but thankfully I was welcomed by the lovely backstage organiser Joy Montgomery who made me feel at ease. The BassBuds Team had its very own stall backstage and there was no music to be heard! So, naturally, we treated everyone to some deep house, played through our amazing Portable BassBoomz Speakers.

As the concert started, there was a lot of hustle and bustle in our backstage area, but it was clear that even with everything going on, BassBuds and BassBoomz were causing a big stir!

Neon Jungle, four young and funky women who looked colourful and lively, came over to see us. First impressions, they were REALLY impressed with the BassBuds Collections.


Neon Jungle excited


I connected my iPhone to the BassBoomz via Bluetooth and played a tune. That’s when they were blown away, “Man, that is sick!” they said. Clearly Neon Jungle were loving both the style AND the sound, so they bagged themselves BassBuds and BassBoomz.


Neon Jungle


Straight from his amazing performance on stage, Professor Green came to the BassBuds stand. He remembers getting his BassBuds at Musicalize in London and tells us how much he likes them, before getting another pair of BassBuds and BassBoomz.


Professor Green


One of our favourite X-Factor boybands, Union J, were next off stage and Josh was the first to come over and see what all the fuss around BassBuds was about. And BassBuds did not disappoint. In fact, George , Josh , JJ and Jaymi were umming and aahing for ages because they couldn’t pick the colours they wanted! BassBuds do have one of the largest colour range in the world, so it’s no surprise all the boys from Union J kept changing their minds about their colour combinations. A few hours after they left, they returned to us to say the BassBoomz portable speakers were “Awesome!” and “Wicked!”.


Union J 3 copy

Union J 2 copy

Union J


Wretch32 already has BassBuds but he was now in love with the BassBoomz! He told us he was having an after-party and BassBoomz were providing the music, loud and clear!




Backstage, the celebs kept coming to BassBuds for more. John Newman was very excited to see our speakers and he said “Gonna charge these up now and use them!” – another after-party powered by BassBoomz.


John Newman


Whose after-party would you rather go to: John Newman or Wretch32?

You can read part 2 here.





Fashion | August 4, 2013

Top 5 Summer Dresses






BassBuds | August 2, 2013


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Miley Cyrus bares all!


Fashion | August 1, 2013

Charlee is in-the-know about all things fashion and celebrities, and when these two worlds collide, which let’s be honest is very often, she’s the first with all the info! So hot of the press, see why Miley Cyrus has been stripping down to her skin…


Miley Cyrus leaves little to the imagination by baring all for the “Protect the Skin You’re In” campaign to help raise money and awareness for the New York University Skin Cancer Institute.

The singer has teamed up with fashion designer Marc Jacobs to become the newest face of the campaign. She joins a list of big name celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell who have stripped down for the worthy cause.

The t-shirts, which showcase Cyrus’ toned body, obviously show her Pilates classes are paying off!! They are currently available to buy in the US and will be available in Europe from next month.

What do you reckon? Is Maxim’s ‘Hottest woman on Earth’ living up to her reputation?


Miley Cyrus - Marc Jacobs