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Musical Mondays


BassBuds | July 28, 2014

Here at BassBuds HQ we absolutely love our music!

We all have our certain genres we listen to so what we thought we would do is share them with you and let you know who’s listening to what in the office this lovely sunny Monday!

Corene is loving Elli Ingram – All Caught Up at the moment. Elli’s music is incredibly melodic – she has been described as “The Adele of Hip Hop”  and is also signed to the legendary Island Record label which also hosted the brilliant late Amy Winehouse as one of their coveted allumi

Check out this massive tune –

Freja is loving Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg – Baby (Inner Rebels remix). “Elektromekanik” is actually Victor Gunta who is a Romanian DJ and producer who specialises in Nu Disco and House – he has had help from Inner Rebels on mixing this track. He has remixed songs by Lana Del Ray and the like. Definitely worth a listen when you’re laying poolside or even in the garden

Benjy is listening to Imagine Dragons – It’s Time. Imagine Dragons have been on the up since September 2012 after releasing their debut studio album ‘Night Visions’. They are from the party city Las Vegas (yes i’m jealous i’m not there too) and their album is PLATINUM in 12 countries! Definitely a great song to jam to when you are home alone and can get totally animated in singing along to it!

Eve is listening to Banks – Beggin’ For Thread. Nominated for Sound of 2014, Jillian Banks (stylised as BANKS) is a born and bred LA singer/songwriter. She was also labelled ‘Artist To Watch’ by Fox Weekly and has numerous celebrity fans such as Ellie Goulding. Definitely one to watch! Ideal to listen to after a long hard day at work, plug in and enjoy!



BassBuds HQ x

Colour of the week – ECLECTIC


Fashion | July 25, 2014




Colour of the Week goes to………… BassBuds Eclectic

Our BassBuders go crazy for this colour combo, the ideal blend of Summer.

 If your friends tease you, that you can never make up your mind, BassBuds Eclectic are perfect for you. It is the only model from our Fashion collection combining so many vivid colours! They will 100% broadcast confidence into your own style.

photo 1432

Cheyenne Davide – Presenter for VEVO UK and Reprezent Radio / Fashion Blogger / DJ from cheyennedavideblog said: 

‘I chose Eclectic BassBuds, because they are pink, yellow, blue and orange, and these colours are not only my favourite colours but they remind me of sweets. I love food and I love music, so the headphones have practically put music and food together!’
Silver Boomz would perfectly match your Eclectic Buds! Get yours here!


Colour of the week – CANDY


Fashion | July 18, 2014


BassBuds Candy from our Fashion Collection are cute and feminine accessory, perfect for the summer. They will definitely brighten up your look and add spark to your ears. Don’t be fooled by the innocent look, their strong bass will blow you away.


“I chose Candy because, well I’m a girl and I love pink! The sparkly crystal matches all my bling too!”

– Sheree Milli from

Do you know what perfectly matches BassBuds Candy? BassBoomz in Bright Pink colour. Get yours here!

pink (2)

5 mins with Mike Hough


Music | July 17, 2014

BassBuds were kindly invited to down to the Sanctum Soho Hotel for Mike Hough’s EP launch party.  Of course, we said yes. His most successful cover had over 4 million views on Rihanna’s hit single ‘Diamonds. Mike saw recent success when being asked to tour with JLS on their final goodbye tour. We caught up with the ‘man of the hour’ for a quick natter.

Mike Hough_Mobo

Now, for those who don’t know who Mike Hough is, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

23 year old upcoming artist from Essex. (Grins cheekily)


You’ve suffered many setbacks so far throughout your career i.e. X Factor, Simon Cowell didn’t put you through, how have these setbacks helped you to where you are today? 

I didn’t see X Factor as a rejection, I took it as inspiration. I respect Simon and people in higher places, he had to make a decision I pushed through. I have always been one of those people who loves music and tells myself that anything is possible.


photo 2

You talk about inspiration, who inspires you musically?

Growing up it was Stevie Wonder, I love his music! Now it is Adele. I love her and the fact that she just sings. She doesn’t need to dance and have a big performance to captivate an audience. There is nothing wrong with any of that but the fact that she came out in this day and age and sold so many millions of records as an independent artist by just using her voice & singing is definitely an inspiration.


Can you dance?

(Laughs) … I don’t think I can but my friends say I can .. I’ll send you a video of me dancing and you be the judge.

(Laughs) … Deal! You’ve set yourself up there.

He (Laughs) … I know


What was your inspiration behind the EP?

The inspiration behind the EP is basically, what it is Love? The thing is, guys are too scared to talk about their feelings & to expose their true emotions. I’m not afraid to do so. There are many aspects of love whether it be friendship, relationship, family and I feel Lost in Love represents that.

photo 1 (1)


What’s your favourite track from the album? 

‘Hold You Down’ has to be my favourite. I tell you what, it’s so brutally honest. It’s about admitting when you are in the wrong in a relationship because, I know you ladies, when you are in the wrong and you won’t admit it at first but this is just about being open and mature. Also there is a full verse which is all in falsetto which I have never ever done before.


You’re somewhat of a YouTube star & have covered many songs from various different artists from Beyoncé, Justin Bieber to Miley Cyrus to Bruno Mars which cover was your favourite to do?

Ooh that’s a good question … I did a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy & mixed it with Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love, that cover is definitely my favourite. I love both artists, respect them & their musical talents and successes. I got to ‘SANG’ in this song plus I still listen to this cover today.


If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?

Kiki Wyatt – if you know then you know but if you don’t check her out man. She is crazy, cool and her voice is just effortless. I think our voices would complement each other. She is from R’n’B Divas which I watch religiously. So, I am a huge fan.

photo 3

What does Mike like to do when he is not working?

I’m like everyone else. I do the normal stuff. Chill at home, movies, go on holiday. I enjoy outdoor events.


You have a solid fan base that follow and support your work, what does that support mean to you?

The fans have been totally loyal to me from the beginning. I think they appreciate me being real with them as they are real with me. We chat, DM, they send song requests for me to do for my YouTube videos.


What is next after the EP release/ What are the plans for the future? 

You know how the music industry is. I don’t want to put a date on things and it never happens. I am in the studio recording new songs now whether it be for an album or another single release, I am just keeping open on this for now. I’m actually working with a few US producers, I love to write and hoping to write and record new material with them. I just want to say the BassBoomz ‘saved my life on the JLS Tour’, I was listening to my tunes, rehearsing with these and even use them in the shower, I take them everywhere.


BassBoomz, – Portable Bluetooth speakers, available in 8 colours.







Small in Size, Big in Sound

BassBuds x Bloggers


BassBuds | July 11, 2014

We are pleased to announce that BassBuds is running a Vlog project in collaboration with most known UK fashion bloggers!


‘Your Colour Your Style’ is a video blogging style project based on fashion and lifestyle bloggers who feature BassBuds in their personal style. This will include:

Ricky Richards – popular lifestyle youtuber

Cheyenne Davide – Vevo Presenter, Dj, fashion blogger with love for high street brands,

Sheree Milli – Winner of Grazia Fashion Blogger 2012,

Kavita Donkersly, more known as SheWearsFashion – blogger with press mentions from TopShop, MTV, Elle, Cosmopolitan and many more

Bloggers will be shot and filmed, representing their own personal style through their outfits, fun props and colour of earphones picked.


The project will be released in mid July so keep an eye on our website and social media!

Festival Time!


Fashion | July 3, 2014

We have to admit, half of the fun of going to a music festival is dressing up as a total babe. With Wireless coming up this weekend we decided to give you some fashion inspiration.

Worth mentioning are Nick Grimshaw & Daisy Lowe’s outfits at Glastonbury. We absolutely LOVE them!

nick grimshaw i daisy lowe



Crop tops, flower hairbands, feather accessories, retro sunglasses, denim shorts are all a must for a festive look, but biggest hit of 2014 are definitely floral KIMONOS!



BassBuds high street fashion picks:


Wherever you go don’t forget to take your favourite festival accessory – BassBoomz with you 😉