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Musical Mondays


BassBuds, Music | March 30, 2015

 Corene – Snoop Dogg ft Charlie Wilson– Peaches & Cream

This song was released by the American rapper in 2015 and if you listen carefully you can even hear the uncredited vocals of the wonderman Pharrell Williams who the song was also produced by. This was the first song of Snoop’s thirteenth album and what a hit it is! Snoop also performed this bouncing tune on the season finale of  Fox TV’s Empire last week, which had the whole internet talking. Now, for all our Snoop fans out there you have something very exciting to look forward to! Snoop is currently in talks to with HBO to create a drama series, what it’s about who knows? Are we excited? Most definitely! 
Mat – Panda Dub – Natural Mystic

Panda Dub is project born in 2007 that was inspired by the French and UK dub scene. Panda Dub created this project to bring in his own unique dub style. Straight out the clubs of  Lyon, Panda Dub has created an international buzz among the dub scene with influence from Reggae roots, French electro dub , and UK stepper dubs which created his unmistakably unique  sound system. Panda Dub built his reputation through the web but has gone from strength to strength. If anything will get us up and buzzing this morning, this definitely will! Panda Dub keep em’ coming.
Benjy –  Closure in Moscow – Kissing Cousins

Australian progressive Rock band formed in 2006.The group is made up of of guitarist-singer Mansur Zennelli, guitarist Michael Barrett, drummer Salvatore Aidone, bassist Duncan Millar and lead singer Christopher de Cinque. So far,  they have released one EP and two studio albums: The Penance and the Patience released in 2008, First Temple released in 2009 and Pink Lemonade released in 2014. The band has reached success through their international rock circuit for their stellar live performances and avant garde sound. Kissing Cousins is off the band’s, debut album First Temple and really is a great tune to have us feeling good this morning! The guys are still doing their thing nowadays and have some upcoming performances in Australia for all the fans out there. Keep your eyes peeled, we expect to see many for great things from these guys!
Tia – Krept and Konan – Don’t Waste My Time Remix

Rap duo from South London are known for making an impact on the UK underground scene with their music, punch lines and metaphors and in 2013 signed a record deal with Virgin EMI Records. Since then the boys have gone from strength to strength, bridging the gap between the US and the UK scene with various collaborations from the likes of French Montana in the first Don’t Waste my time vid. The song available for pre-order on iTunes now, you can expect to see a feature from US lyricist Rick Ross. The duo broke a world record for ‘Highest-Charting UK album by an Unsigned Act’ in 2014 and earned the title with Young Kingz, which entered into the top 20 in the UK Albums Chart. Their album was made available to pre-order yesterday and it already has the internet buzzing.
Warren – G-Unit – Smile

Smile is a song by American hip hop group G-Unit,  released in April 2004, as the final single from their debut album, Beg for Mercy . This tune was produced by No I.D. and contains a sample “I Too Am Wanting”, as performed by Syreeta.   G- Unit was formed by longtime friends and East Coast rappers 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. The group released  Beg for Mercy, in 2003, which went on to sell over 2,000,000 copies in the US and went double platinum.  The album, which followed the success of 50 Cent’s major-label debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’, served as a platform for Banks, Buck, Game and Yayo to release their debut solo albums. The boys have continue to make hit after hit and although Tony Yayo has now left the  group, they have since recruited their newest member Kidd Kidd and are on the road to releasing their second EP The Beast Is G-Unit which we will be able to get our hands on later this year! Much to look forward to right!

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Hustler’s Ambition: Is Loyalty Dead?


Business | March 27, 2015

hustlers blog pic


I was born  in 1981, my mother had me at 14 years old. We grew up very close, like a brother and sister even though she was a young mother.. She taught me how to hold my head up high, no matter what people threw at you and always fight for what you believe in. She is my hero!

I’ve met people who became my outside family back then it was all about being loyal, treating your people how you would like to be treated??

So my question is what is Loyalty??

My brother asked me to touch on this subject which I told him it would be difficult because everyone’s definition of loyalty is different.

For me, loyalty is some sort of emotion because decisions to be disloyal is triggered by emotions some of the time by greed, envy, hate, jealousy and heartbreak.  Some may display loyalty out of fear, love and respect etc.

So when your dealing with people’s emotions, they could become unpredictable. Loyalty is hard to find in friendships and the unlikely person who ends up being loyal is the person you wouldn’t expect, that person is usually confident and secure within themselves..

The word gets thrown around a lot, do I expect loyalty in BUSINESS???

No, I don’t because its not personal, its business which takes it back to what I said about it being an emotion. In business, everyone wants more and wants to get to the top, so the emotions envy and greed could trigger you to feel you need to survive.

So I never expect LOYALTY in business!!!




See you next Friday :))

Omarion headlines at London’s Musicalize event


Events | March 17, 2015




The musicalize crew hooked up us with tickets once again, for one of their most exciting show to date. Located at the famous Koko Theatre in Camden, the queue was endless by 7pm. The place was ram packed The supporting guests including UK talent Rasharn Powell, songstress Tanika and X Factor’s favourite group Rough Copy.

The trio serenaded with rnb hits ‘Same Formula’, ‘Street Love’ and ‘3 words’.

Rough Copy

We were seated in the balcony VIP. It was announced to be sold out on Twitter just before Omarion due on stage. DJ Melody Kane was spinning on the decks and had the crowd swaying. Anticipation was certainly in the air and the crowd seemed to be pleading for Omarion to grace the stage.




He entered the stage with ‘Hello London’  as the growing crowd screamed. One thing we do know is that Omari still has it. For a 30yr old, he looked younger than ever, sporting a red banner and a matching plaid bape shirt. He sang hits included, Entourage, O and most recent ‘Post To Be’.


Rate: 8/10


We can’t wait for the next one!

Musical Mondays


BassBuds | March 16, 2015

Corene- Omarion – Entourage

Omarion’s newest hit ‘Post To Be’ featuring Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko. Now, as much as Post To Be has us all jumping up and down, bomping our heads in beat, we can’t forget Omarion’s old hits such as Ice Box, O and this one. Omarion entered the music industry as 1/4 of B2K, the R’n’B boyband. Omarion went on to focus on his solo career in which he produced two major albums, ‘O’ and ’21’. Entourage comes off Omarions ’21’ album which was released in 2006. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album charts and sold over 390 000 copies in US since it’s release. Now, for all his fans out there, if you don’t know already, Omarion is in the UK for his headlining show tonight in London’s KOKO. Tickets are still available online so we suggest you cop them right now before they all run out.



Benjy – The Offspring – Pretty Fly For A White Guy

The Offspring is an American Punk Rock Band from California made up of Greg K, Dexter Holland, Andrew Freeman, Kevin ‘Noodles’ Wasserman, Pete Perada. This tune is the fourth track from their fifth studio album Americana released in 1998 but was released as the first single off the album. The tune peaked at number 52 in the Billboard Hot 100 and reached the charts in over 15 countries,topping the charts in nine of these, including Australia where it went four times platinum. Recently, the boys have released their latest single “Coming for you” on YouTube, and there are rumours that the band will be releasing another album sometime this year.



Mat – Queens Of Stone Age – Little Sister

Queens of Stone Age are another rock band that come out of the Mother city which is California, which formed in 1996. The band is made up of Josh Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, Micheal Shuman, Dean Fertita and Jon Theodore . This was the first single released for the rock group Queens of Stone Age, from their fourth album ‘Lullabies to paralyze’. It was first released in 2004 as a promotional single but was then put out as a commercial single on March 7 2005. The band has had many ups and downs but they have continued to make great music, wowing fans worldwide and are now working on their new album following their Clockwork tour. There is a lot more to come from the boys and we are excited.




Warren – 50 Cent- Hustlers Ambition

Now, if you keep up to date with out blog (which you should!), you will know that last week we posted up a blog post called Hustler’s ambition (check it out straight after reading this!). Now if that title sounded familiar to you, then now you know where your heard it from. This is 50 Cent’s first single from the 2005 the soundtrack to his film ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Sound Familiar? That’s because the rap anthem is built around a soul – influenced production of Frankie Beverly and Maze’s song “I Need You”. The song reached number 65 on the US Billboard Hot 100 making it one of 50 Cent’s most successful songs in the US. 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) caught our attention in 2002 after he was discovered by Eminem and signed to Shady Records, Eminem’s label. With the help of Eminem and Dr Dre, 50 became one of the worlds best selling rappers who rose to create his own rap group G-unit . Since then 50 has become a man of many trades including an entrepreneur investor and actor, however he has still stayed true to music working on this sixth studio album ; Street King Immortal which is due for release this year. We can’t wait! Can you ?

Tia – Raheem Bakere ft Tanika – Purple Sky

We love a good love song here at Bassbuds, and when it’s produced by two incredibly talented UK musicians we can’t help but fall in love with the tune itself. Raheem Bakere is an up and coming singer- songwriter from London. After releasing his debut EP ‘AWOL’, Raheem has grown from strength to strength performing for BET International in New York and having just participated in the renowned Acoustic Soul tour around England. This song also feature the incredibly sweet vocals of Tanika, a wonderfully talented songstress from South London. We know there is a lot more to come from these two talented individual and we can’t wait to see what else they both pull out the bag for us this year!


We hope you all had a great Mothers Day! For all our Mother we have you experienced the best day of the year!

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Hustler’s Ambition: Just Do It!


Business | March 13, 2015

hustlers blog pic

Meet Clint Ippoma, the co-owner of BassBuds!

Often working behind the scenes or travelling to different countries to closing deals. The entire company ethos echoes his personal drive, determination and values. Hailing from the streets, crossing over to music & film background, Clint has always lived by the saying ‘made something from nothing’ but is now known for his extensive branding and business expertise.

Every Friday, Clint will provide helpful tips and brief pointers on business, sport, branding and everything lifestyle!




When it comes to business and you have a good idea, create a vision, write your plan and JUST DO IT!! Research is very important when coming up with your ideas so check the market place you would like to enter and see if there is space for you?

Perfectly said as Nike’s slogan, one of the most successful and powerful brands in the world, so why wouldn’t we believe them?? Ask yourself, if you trust the Nike brand and why?

It’s vital that you never allow another persons success or failures determine whether or not your idea will work. As they say ‘one mans gold is another mans silver’ and ‘another mans silver is another mans gold’. Opinion is always good to hear and take on board depending on whether its coming from a worthy source. The decision is ultimately yours.

When setting up a business, budget is important! Remember: Always keep your outgoings lower than your incomings.

Sure, you would like a big office or retail space but truthfully its imperative that you work smart and supply on demand. They do say don’t expect to make profits in your first year, once again that is the matter for each individual, as I saw profits in most of my business ventures I started, but not in all.

Most billionaire companies start with a simple idea in a bedroom with a pen such as; Facebook founder Mark Zukerburg, PDF creator Chris McMeeney and more. They maybe had doubts and maybe even at that time in debt. They too woke up, washed their face, brushed their teeth, saw their reflection in the mirror staring back at them, leaned closer to take a better look and said.. JUST DO IT!!!!

Until next Friday :)

Musical Mondays


BassBuds | March 9, 2015

Corene – Sam Smith ft John Legend – Lay Me Down (Comic Relief)

Sam Smith is one of the hottest artist worldwide right now! The man can do no wrong, his vocals are on 100. To celebrate Comic Relief, Mr Smith has teamed up with contemporary pop/rnb singer, John Legend. Now, in the run up to Red Nose Day, Sam released Lay Me Down where all proceedings from the single will be go towards the charity. Luckily for us, we have more wonderful performances to expect from Sam as he is expected to perform the song live during Comic Relief: Face the Funny on Friday 13 March on BBC One which will be broadcasted live from the London Palladium. However for those that can’t wait that long, a digital download of a special track has been released ahead of their performance.
Warren – Paigey Cake ft Young Spray -Boom Bang

UK female rapper Paigey Cakey strikes back with another release with North London rap artist Young Spray, ‘Boom Bang’. You may know Paigey Cakey for a whole bunch of reasons, whether this be from her appearance in 2011 British science fiction comedy, Attack The Block, her appearance in the BBC School drama, Waterloo Road or as the vibrant young rapper she is. Here we have her teaming up with the British rapper Young Spray for Boom Bang which comes off her EP ‘The Right Paige’ which you can pick up from GRM Daily. This tune really adds a whole lot of energy and bass into your day, a great way to start your week if we say so ourselves!


Tia – Stormzy – Know Me From

Stormzy, a known UK artist who has recently received a MOBO Award for Best Grime Art (2014), the 21 year old is appeared onstage at the Brit Awards last month next to Kanye West as he performed his new hit ‘All Day’. Know Me From comes of Stormzy’s 2014 EP Dreamers Disease and what an EP that is! Stormzy is the first unsigned rapper to appear on Later with Jools Holland and has made a handleful of collaborations that makes any lover of Grime music jump for joy. He is the new generation of Grime and is representing the genre in the best way you could imagine, supported by legends of Grime such as Skepta -who himself is creating a musical wave within the music scene- Jammer and Wiley. Stormzy just released it yesterday on iTunes and it was one of the first things we downloaded!
Benjy – Enter Shikari – Anaesthetist

Enter Shikari are a four piece electronicore Rock band from St Albans who formed in 2003 by Roughton ‘Rou’ Reynolds, Liam ‘Rory’ Clewlow, Chris Batten and Rob Rolfe. The band are said to be considered pioneers of Electronicore fusing together hardcore punk with electronic genres such as drum and bass.Their debut album, Take to the Skies, was released in 2007 and reached number four in the Official UK Album Chart, while their second album, Common Dreads, was released in 2009 and debuted on the UK Albums Chart at 16. The boys have recently put their entire forth studio album The Mindsweep up for streaming on their website and this is their second song off the album . Enter Shikari are men of many talents as alongside their band work and side projects they have, they also started an independent record label called Ambush Reality.


Mat – System of A Down – Spiders

System of A Down is a four piece rock band from Southern California formed in 1994 from Serj Tankian, Daron Malakin, Shavo Odadjan snd John Dolmayan. The band have managed to release five studio albums, three of which have debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. System of a Down has been nominated for four Grammy Awards, and their song “B.Y.O.B.” won the Best Hard Rock Performance of 2006. The group went on hiatus in August 2006 but reunited in November 2010, embarking on a tour for the following three years. System of a Down has sold over 40 million records worldwide. The boy are set to perform at a free concert in Armennia next month to set off their performance in Armenia and are said to be thinking about releasing a new album once they finish their Wake Up The Souls tour.

So that’s it! That is our Top 5 tunes to get your week off to the best start possible, topped up with some new releases to make you feel fresh for the week ahead. Now, talking about feeling fresh, a very special day is just around the corner and we want to make sure that all our lovely readers are prepared for it! Mother’s Day is next Sunday and of course, we all want to allow our Mothers and special ladies in our lives to feel fresh, relaxed, rested and on top of everything else, happy on that day. So why not give her a very special gift this week by getting her the most stylish headphones she can dream of for her relaxing down time?  Let her plug in Bassbuds and tune out of her worries!



Queens of R’n’B Concert Review


BassBuds | March 5, 2015

At Bassbuds we love to keep on top of the latest music and fashion events, so of course when we heard 3 Queen’s of R’n’B were coming to the UK to perform at one amazing show, we had to find out exactly what was going on and make something amazing happen for one of our lovely followers!

We were the official sponsor of The Show Tour so last week we ran a competition giving our followers the chance to win two tickets to The Show R’n’B Superstars to see the R’n’B legends Faith Evans, Teedra Moses and Syleena Johnson perform live at Indigo 02. One of our lucky followers, @Shamalkumal won the competition and had the chance to experience this amazing show. The ladies definitely reminded us why we crown them the Queens of R’n’B, looking as beautiful as ever and sounding as great as ever. The ladies who are all now between the ages of 38- 41 are performing just as well as our favourite charting artists and anyone who was lucky enough to attend the show only came back with the best reviews! Well done Ladies!

Faith Evans


Faith Evans has a way of drawing us into her music and why wouldn’t she? Faith is a true storyteller whose life is poured into her music. Faith came to our attention after she caught the eye of Diddy after working alongside Christopher Williams and Al. B Sure as their backing vocalist. She signed to Bad Boy Entertainment in 1994 and released 3 platinum certified studio albums between 1995 and 2001. She is also well known as the widow of the hip hop legend that is The Notorious B.I.G . Many of us have grown up on Faith Evan, she bring us memories of our past summers and is soon to give us some great experiences as she is set to release her new album this year, and after she her epic performance last Saturday, well, lets just say we can’t wait!


Syleena Johnson

Syleena has been gracing us with her powerful, soulful voice for a good 15 years! She first entered the music scene after being signed by Jive Records and has worked with legends of the past and present including the wonderful Diana Ross and the innovative Kanye West. Syleena came from a musical background with her father Syl Johnson being a huge influencer. She was nominated for the Billboard Music Video Award for her I Am Your Woman video but more recently was nominated for the MTV Video Music award for All Falls Down, her song with Kanye West. Most recently she has appeared on R’n’B Divas alongside Faith. We loved Syleena’s performance, she’s letting the world know she’s as great as ever and you know what? We completely agree!

Teedra Moses


Who doesn’t know this song! Teedra has us breaking into song whenever this tune plays on the radio, bringing back memories of summertime, having fun, feeling the sun on your skin – this is where this song take us and we can’t get enough of it! This being said, Teedra is not only a great singer but is also an incredible songwriter, having credits for our favourite songs including Dip It Low by Christina Milian and Still Hurts by Macy Gray. In 2011 Teedra signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group via Warner Bro Records and was MMG’s first female artist. Last year she released a tune called All I Ever Wanted from her Cognac and Conversation EP which was produced by Rick Ross himself alongside Rapheal Saadiq. She is still performing and she let us all know how great she still is at it on Saturday night,we can’t wait to see her again!

“Fabulous concert. A fun filled night with Faiths belter of a voice, she was by far my favourite of the night but unarguably these three are the Queens of R n B.”


Screenshot 2015-03-05 14.51.24

2015-03-04 23.23.42

2015-03-04 23.22.39
2015-03-04 23.25.05



Inspirational Celebrity Mums : Alesha Dixon


BassBuds, Fashion | March 3, 2015




Stacey Soloman

Battled with postnatal depression and teenage pregnancy and still managed to pull through and be strong for her two wonderful children.“My two sons Leighton and Zachary mean more to me than anything else in the world.” [1]


                                                           ALESHA DIXON

Alesha Dixon

Alesha wasted no time in getting right back to work, but scheduled her daughter in like a real super mum .“It changes everything,” she says. “But I love it. Azura is adorable and she is such a happy baby she’s always smiling. And I’m in a good place – I feel I’m at the right age now to embrace it all.” [1]




RnB star Ciara has recently had son Future Wilburn named after his famous rapper father Future. “I want to be one of those moms and women that when I look back, I know that I always stayed focused,” she explained to Us Magazine. Ciara has managed to have a successful career being a mother and goes on to say ‘ “I am not an old lady! Moms can be fresh, fly and young, and that’s the kind of mom I want to be.

Source 1/2:




Motherhood gives you strength in other areas of your life. I gave birth to Teja when I was 20 and I think that was the making of me’ Jamelia confesses to Guardian‘[1]. Jamelia is one of the official panelists on Loose Women and is known for her being a strong role model for single mothers in the public eye. We like that Jamelia represents the mothers that have overcame a life struggle and made it. She has 2 beautiful girls, Teja and Tiani.

[1] :

Katie Price

Katie Price

No matter how busy Katie is, the first thing she can’t wait to get home to is her children. She express her love for her children to the press every moment she can ‘”I love you kids, I love you mum, I love you all,” she said to camera just after she’d finished talking to Emma’ [1]on her way into the Celebrity Big Brother house. She has also shared her struggles of being a single mother with the general public. Katie balances being a reality star with the hustle and bustle of being a great wife and mother ‘I wish all those people who show ignorance about the disabled condition could spend a day with Harvey and see the reality of looking after a child like him. [2]

(1): (2):

Victoria Beckham 

Victoria Beckham

Motherhood is the hardest job in the world‘,[1] says Victoria to Wonder Woman magazine. The former Spice Girls singer turned worldwide fashion designer, who has 4 kids with model and former footie husband David Beckham. We celebrate Victoria as a one of the adorning figures in the fashion industry but she’s just as involved in her family life. She certainly has her worklife balance in tow! ‘Elton John and David Furnish are reportedly the godparents of Brooklyn and Romeo, and their godmother is Elizabeth Hurley‘ [2]

(1): (2):,-says-victoria-beckham/1/89810.html



                         If you’re on Twitter, nominate and tag your mum for the Best Mum of the Year award and you could

                     win a pair of Swarovski in-earphones & a Bluetooth speaker for your her.


Closing date: 13th March 2015




Musical Mondays


BassBuds | March 2, 2015

Corene- Skepta- Shutdown


So anybody who was watching the Brit Awards last week will have seen a spectacular performance by Kanye West for his new tune ‘All Day’. Now we loved this performance for many reasons, but particularly due to the many great UK artists who added to the energetic performance especially Grime artists such as, Skepta, who Kanye shouted out at the end of the performance. Skepta is deemed as the a King of the Grime scene alongside the likes of Wiley & Dizzee Rascal. Skepta created Boy Better Know with his brother JME. Since then Skepta has grown from strength to strength producing hits such as ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Rescue me’ which both charted. His latest hit song ‘That’s Not Me’ charted at No.21 in the UK singles chart and won him the Best Video award at the MOBO award last year. Following all his recent epic moves, Skepta released ’Shutdown’ just yesterday which has a cheeky sample of Drake at the beginning of the track (who is a very public supporter of Skepta himself) and it is our favourite for the week!
Benjy – Catfish & The Bottlemen – Cocoon



Now we all love Benjy’s choice today! Catfish & The Bottlemen are a welsh rock band who are taking their scene by storm! The band made of Van McCann and Benji Blakeway were created in 2010 and through many struggles managed to get signed to Communication Records in 2013 and released their first three singles “Homesick”, “Rango” and “Pacifier” that year. By 2014, the band signed to Island Records and had all tracks premiered through Zane Lowe and were playlisted on Radio 1.The boys also won the BBC Introducing Award at the first BBC Music Awards that year and released their debut album in the UK last September and released it for their US fans in January. In such a short time, their success plays testament to how truly great these boys are! We are so excited to see what they have us their sleeves for us next.


Mat – Soulsavers – Death Bells


Whilst we have the theme of great British talent running through our Musical Mondays this morning, let me introduce you to Soulsavers who are a British production and remix team composed of Rich Machin and Ian Glover who create downtempo electronica which incorporates influences of rock, gospel, soul, and country music into the mix of things. The duo have released four albums so far and have had their music feature in Grey’s Anatomy. The boys are now working on their new album which is said to be released by the end of this year. We can’t wait to hear more!


Warren- Birdman – 100 Million ft Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne



This tune allows us to go back to the days when YMCMB were a united collective of brilliant rapping talent. Birdman has previously been nominated for a grammy and has continued his legacy through his work with Lil Wayne who he refers to as his son and of course the like of Nicki Minaj, Drake and Tyga. Birdman originally entered the music scene as one half of the duo Big Tymers who debuted in 1998, the duo ran until 2004 when they disbanded. Following this, Birdman started working on his solo career together with focusing on the most popular collaborations. He has been the centre of a whole lot of controversy at the moment with rumours of our favourite artists wanting to leave Young Money, hopefully everyone smooths out their differences and get back to working together on some good stuff.
Tia – Wale – The Body ft Jeremih


Wale has announce that he will be releasing his new album The Album About Nothing will be released on the 31st of this month which we are all too excited about right now! Wale has been known for his conscious lyrics and smooth delivery, as well as his brilliant campaign with Complex Magazine. In 2013 he was nominated for a Grammy Award with ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’ and has continued to go from strength to strength . We have so much to look forward to as Wale will be releasing his latest song “The Matrimony” featuring Usher later tonight so keep your eyes peeled. This will definitely be a year to remember for Wale and we cant wait to watch it unfold.​


There you have it! Our tunes to get your mind in gear for the week! Now what do you need to listen to these tunes on  your way to work or the gym? Only the best pair of headphones you can get your hands on! Bassbuds!

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