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BassBuds Live Speaks to Splurge Boys & PAP


BassBuds, BassBuds Live | April 16, 2015



Now if you keep updated with our blog (which of course you do!) you will know that around a week ago we took a trip down to The Forum in Hertfordshire for  Fekky’s Birthday Extravaganza and managed to grab Splurge Boys, Snowy Danger & Kadey James to have a chat with them about their new project together as P A P and their latest collaborations, just before they had to rush off to jump on stage with the birthday boy himself, Fekky.  
S boys
So today we are behind the scenes at Fekky’s Birthday extravagaza and I’m here with Spurlge boys & PAP. How are you guys doing?
SB & PAP: We’re alright, you know you know, out here. (Smiling)
 You enjoying the event?
SB & PAP: Yeah yeah. We’re are always happy to support the UK whenever we can.
Well, I’ve got a few questions for you so hopefully you can help me out with that. So you work together, how did you come across working together originally? Like how did you meet?
 Tee: Well for all my sins, I met that one in school (points to Snowy Danger) and this one in the ends (Kadey)
Rocket: From the bits, the manor
What’s the ends?
Tee: The area
Rocket: South London
There we go! So I know you guys have worked with Fekky recently, you just dropped a tune, how did that come about? How did that particular collaboration come about?
Tee: We done a tune with Fem Fel called Frigid and I remember Fekky hit us up and was like ‘yh man that tune’s hard, maybe  we should get in and try something and we did and we just went well, we got on so the vibe was there.
 So I was listening to the tune, I went on Link Up TV today and I listened to the tune…
Kadey: Which one?
Snowy : There’s two isn’t there?
Rocket: There’s a couple
Tee: There’s about three.
Umm… Ain’t no money, because I was relating with it for my life. Where did that concept come from? How did you get that when you got in the studio?
Rocket: Exactly how you said it relates to your life , it relates to our life as well
Tee: You don’t know, aint nobody give a * about..
Rocket: You got to do it for yourself mate, if you don’t love yourself who going to love you.
Tee: Its so true init
So what do you guys have planned after this?
Rocket: Well we’ve just dropped the tape, so we’re just going to turn up to that on the way home
Snowy: The At the tank LP .
Rocket: and all that goodness. But then tonight probably back to the tank, do a few more tunes, because we have another tape coming out after this one as well.
at the tank
Splurge Boys x P A P are  currently taking over the scene and the new LP, At The Tank, is fast gaining popularity! Keep an eye out for these guys, their definitely ones to watch! You can download their LP from . Check it out, you won’t regret it!


Images by Rianna Tamara


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