Hustler’s Ambition: Is Loyalty Dead?

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I was born  in 1981, my mother had me at 14 years old. We grew up very close, like a brother and sister even though she was a young mother.. She taught me how to hold my head up high, no matter what people threw at you and always fight for what you believe in. She is my hero!

I’ve met people who became my outside family back then it was all about being loyal, treating your people how you would like to be treated??

So my question is what is Loyalty??

My brother asked me to touch on this subject which I told him it would be difficult because everyone’s definition of loyalty is different.

For me, loyalty is some sort of emotion because decisions to be disloyal is triggered by emotions some of the time by greed, envy, hate, jealousy and heartbreak.  Some may display loyalty out of fear, love and respect etc.

So when your dealing with people’s emotions, they could become unpredictable. Loyalty is hard to find in friendships and the unlikely person who ends up being loyal is the person you wouldn’t expect, that person is usually confident and secure within themselves..

The word gets thrown around a lot, do I expect loyalty in BUSINESS???

No, I don’t because its not personal, its business which takes it back to what I said about it being an emotion. In business, everyone wants more and wants to get to the top, so the emotions envy and greed could trigger you to feel you need to survive.

So I never expect LOYALTY in business!!!




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