Corene is our London born & bred chick, a true guuuurrl with an attitude that can cover any story, get a press pass for any event, and have an opinion about every celebrity! All this and she still seems like the shyest and quietest of the whole team. Some call that a skill, a talent, a weapon. 

“A bittersweet influx with a hint of all things lemony.”




 Jasmine is a one in a million gem of a person! Yeah, THAT good. She takes her classy, smart style all around the world, combining travel with fashion; her passport is an incredible collection of airport stamps from Milan, Tokyo and New York, soooo try not to be TOO jealous…

 “Take me around the world to experience different cultures, landscapes and fashions…. vibes, sounds and foods; enjoying life fulfilling my bucket list. ATTENTION: Prone to a blonde moment.”


MANISHA (Blog Editor)


Manisha is the smallest but quickest! Her smile is incredibly big and totally compensates for her tiny figure. How she always SO happy, nobody knows! Competitive, super hard-working and always ahead of everyone, Manisha puts the rest of us to shame on a daily basis. Need something done – she’s ‘the Man’-isha…

“Nicknamed “Grandma”. Gimme a strong brew (no milk, no sugar), a ginger biscuit, and a nice sit down in front of a board game any time, any day.”