Our Top 5 Kylie Jenner looks

Every under-18 year old in the world would love to trade places with this young woman. The younger sibling of the infamous Kardashian family. Kylie Jenner is most known for her on trend fashion and her top red carpet looks; following in the footsteps of her fashion obssessed household.

Recently, turning 18, this month, Kylie has had a few fashion faux pax’s but here are our favourite looks to date. We have also matched her outfits our Swarovski BassBuds earphones. Enjoy :)



                                                                           Kylie’s 18th Birthday, August 2015


Limited Edition 24 Carat Gold 





Kylie Sugar Factory

Kylie at an opening at the Sugar Factory, June 2015




  Silver BassBuds Earphones

Plat BB





Kylie Jenner 1

Kylie hosting a day party in Canada, August, 2015


Nu Skool BassBuds Earphones

BassBuds Headphones




Kylie 3

Kylie at New York Fashion Week, 2014


Candy BassBuds Earphones

BassBuds Headphones





Casual Shopping Trip in LA, March, 2015



 Light Blue BassBuds Earphones

BassBuds Headphones


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